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Important Announcement:

As previously announced, Tony Casamento will be stepping down as webmaster for the Mater Christi web site and Brian O'Dowd (Class of 73) has stepped up to maintain the site.

Tony & Brian recently had dinner together to discuss the transition which has already started. You are encouraged to share your thoughts with Brian as the web site begins its second decade.

In the very near future we will be having another fund drive. Your support is encouraged and appreciated.


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This info WILL be on the final exam!

This website is for the enjoyment of graduates, attendees, friends and faculty of Mater Christi  High School in Astoria NY.  It is a continuous work-in-progress.  The success of this site depends on the involvement of the alumni.  If you would like to contribute, or have comments or suggestions email me at 

Need information on Reunions or other Alumni events?  Want to get on the Alumni mailing list?  Contact the Alumni Office at 718.721.7200 ext. 686 or email Rosanne at mcalumni@stjohnsprepschool.org


A word about MC memorabilia:

The library at Manhattan College is a depository for Christian Brothers (LINE - Long Island New England Province) material.  If you have any artifacts you would like to contribute, you can contact

Michael Pravitz (MichaelPravetz@aol.com)

Materchristi.com and the Alumni Office are both particularly interested in yearbooks.  If you have an old yearbook that you want to send to a new home, contact webguy@materchristi.com. We also ask that if your artifact or memorabilia is something that can be posted to the internet, that you make arrangements to get it posted here before sending it on.  Thanks.

Need an MC Ring?
You can contact Jostens directly to purchase a replacement!

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